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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Program

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Program

$ 497.00

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A hair tissue mineral analysis is a screening test that uses hair as a tissue mineral biopsy. This method of testing has been used for at least 100 years worldwide to screen for the level of 20 minerals and toxic metals in a sample of hair.

It is a non-invasive relatively inexpensive method of testing and is very accurate. Hair mineral analysis testing is an excellent method for assessing, monitoring and guiding the correction and improvement of one’s body chemistry.

Hair provides a window into the entire inner workings of the body, giving us accurate insights into how to balance one's health through a nutritional protocol. Hair is an excellent way to see imbalances in metabolic health bring correction to them before deeper health pathologies set in.

How It Works: 

      1. After ordering your hair analysis kit, you will be sent information on how to collect your hair sample and then send directly to the lab. You will be sent forms to fill out online (disclaimer/client questionnaire and an online Nutri-Q assessment). 
      2. I will send you my scheduler to set up your first consultation prior to receiving your lab results. We will go over your health goals and get started on dietary changes and get a simple game plan while waiting for your test results. 
      3. You can expect to receive your results 1 to 2 weeks after the lab receives your sample. Once I receive the lab results, I will be in touch to schedule another consult to review your lab results.

      4. Results include written interpretation, customized food list, supplement and lifestyle recommendations, and includes a listing of potential sources of the heavy metals present, both environmental and dietary. Once you receive your results, you will have email support in case of any questions that may arise as you implement your new protocol.

      5. A third and final consult will be scheduled 4-6 weeks after your HTMA Review to go over obstacles, challenges, and make tweaks to your plan as well as for accountability so you are able to sustainably maintain your program with my support.

**For a limited time, get $100 off when you use coupon code HTMA100 at checkout.

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